The First Step to Feeling Better and Being Healthier



Improved health ahead, just add WATER. Great post by Life By Lizz!

Life by Lizz

What if I told you I have a simple, budget-friendly trick to boost your health and help you feel better almost instantly?  It’s not some magic pill or crazy diet.  It’s water.  W-a-t-e-r, water.  Almost every individual I interact with has some sort of complaint that could  be fixed with proper water consumption.  Headaches, fatigue, joint pain, certain cravings, bloated stomach, the list goes on and on.  Let me explain a few benefits of proper hydration:

  1. Water helps with weight loss.  It does this by acting as an appetite suppressant, helping to remove waste, and helping nutrients enter the body.
  2. Water helps eliminate toxins, as mentioned above.  Water is needed for the kidneys to successfully remove toxins from the blood.  What a cheap and effective “detox”…
  3. Water gives you more energy.  This occurs when water in combined with a balanced diet allowing the body to absorb vital…

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