The 12 Looks of Christmas…Younique Style!


Happy Holidays, Barbelles!

This is the perfect time of year to experiment with your makeup. With all of the glitter and glamour of the holiday season, it only makes sense that your makeup should shine as well.

I challenged myself to create a NEW look every day for each of my 12 Days of Christmas using just the Younique products I had on hand. It’s amazing how diverse these looks are considering it’s really only a few staple products. It’s all about using them creatively!

Here’s a run down of each day’s look and the products I used to achieve it. Hope you are inspired to play with your makeup. Don’t forget to have fun!

All products will be listed & linked at the bottom of the post!!!

Blog 1

blog 2

blog 3.png

blog 4

blog 5.png

blog 7

blog 7 (2)

blog 8

blog 9

blog 10

blog 11

day 12

Products I used:

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Wishing you a happy & healthy holiday!

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