The benefits of a recovery week for increased strength

  Hey Barbelles! This week’s post is dedicated to the Recovery Week. If you’re a gym regular, I hope you are already utilizing recovery weeks to optimize your training. If you’re not, stay tuned to learn about the benefits. It seems counter-intuitive, but scheduling a week where you work with half of your normal weight, … More The benefits of a recovery week for increased strength

HIIT for the holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving Barbelles! I’m sending this post out a little bit early in the hopes that it’ll help you prepare for your turkey day extravaganza. Now, obviously, Thanksgiving is a day meant to be shared with friends and family not a day to obsess over your waistline and workout routine. That being said, I can’t think of a single … More HIIT for the holidays!

Whole “30” Holiday Challenge

The Whole 30 Program is something I stumbled upon last fall and fell in love with. It totally aligns with my philosophy on food and health. Basically, it’s a 30 day period (I loathe the term “cleanse”) where you focus on eating ONLY real, whole foods. No weighing, no measuring (your food OR your body) and NO fees – this is completely free and something you can do on your own. … More Whole “30” Holiday Challenge