My Latest Obsession: Leggings Edition


Hi Barbelles!

Fashion and fitness…two of my favorite “F” words.

I’m sure many of you have seen ads on Facebook for sites like the Online Legging Store. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to stop lusting after these and just order a pair. When I got to their site and realized that they’re all super inexpensive, I decided to live a little and order 2 pairs. I wasn’t sure what the quality would be considering the price, but there were numerous positive Facebook reviews and lots of posts from happy customers proudly wearing their skeleton, mermaid, King Tut (and so on) leggings. Spoiler alert – I fell in love and now have 3 pairs! I’ve gotten quite a lot of comments and questions on mine so I figured I’d write up a little review for you.

My “Galaxy” pair. Love, love, love.

First up, my Galaxy leggings. I ordered a medium for reference, and these fit perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised to find that despite the low price tag ($12.99?!), these are pretty substantial and not see through at all. I wore these for an outdoor run and they were perfect. I will say that since these are not the same blend that typical Under Armour or Nike gym tights are made of, and they do not breathe. That said, they’re wonderful for outdoor activities, or weightlifting, but I would not advise wearing them for indoor cardio or met cons.

unnamed (1)
“Enchanted Forest”

The second pair, my Enchanted Forest tights. I apologize for the grainy photo, I was trying to take a “stealthy selfie” in the gym locker room to avoid looking like a narcissistic creeper. These are probably my least favorite of my 3 pairs, which isn’t to say that I don’t like them. The color is different than it appears online; the blue fades into white then pink, whereas the website shows a vibrant orange color. These are also available in blue fading to green, which is the shade I actually meant to order, but chose the wrong one accidentally. I’ve worn these a few times in the gym and they’re great for lifting. Despite the fact that the color is light in the butt area, they are not see through at all – a major plus!

OBSESSED with all 3 pairs of my new tights from Online Legging Store. These muscle tights are my faves.
OBSESSED with all 3 pairs of my new tights from Online Legging Store. These muscle tights are my faves.

Last but not least…my Muscle tights! I was so happy with my first 2 pairs that I had to go back and get these and I’m so happy that I did! I thought they might be a little too strange to actually wear, but once I put them on I was in love. They are definitely a conversation piece and I got a few comments and lingering looks while wearing them at the gym. I felt like these were the most flattering of the 3 although this photo makes me think otherwise…in person they looked better. The sizing on these is a little different than the other 2 pairs and I’m wondering if they were mislabeled; I ordered a Medium but these are significantly longer and looser around the ankle than the others. It didn’t deter me, I just rolled them under and went about my business, but it’s something to note.

I highly suggest checking this site out and getting yourself a pair (or 3 🙂 )! They are definitely worth the price and might be just the boost you need to crush your workout. 

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