The benefits of a recovery week for increased strength

  Hey Barbelles! This week’s post is dedicated to the Recovery Week. If you’re a gym regular, I hope you are already utilizing recovery weeks to optimize your training. If you’re not, stay tuned to learn about the benefits. It seems counter-intuitive, but scheduling a week where you work with half of your normal weight, … More The benefits of a recovery week for increased strength

Pleasantly Paleo: Key Lime Pie Smoothie Recipe!

Hey Barbelles! I’ve got a delicious and healthy smoothie to fuel your next workout! Loaded with healthy fats, this smoothie will not only satisfy your sweet tooth, but your hunger cravings as well. This would be a delicious breakfast or dessert! Ingredients: *1/2 ripe avocado *1/4 cup raw cashews *2 dates, pitted *1/4 tsp. vanilla … More Pleasantly Paleo: Key Lime Pie Smoothie Recipe!

Whole 30 Log: Week 1

Hello Barbelles! I hope you’ve all had an excellent week. This was an interesting week for me, that’s for sure! Lots of stress, but I’m happy to report that the first week of my Whole 30 Holiday Challenge went fantastically well! Much better than the first go around last year. I hope you’ll find my daily notes … More Whole 30 Log: Week 1

Whole “30” Holiday Challenge

The Whole 30 Program is something I stumbled upon last fall and fell in love with. It totally aligns with my philosophy on food and health. Basically, it’s a 30 day period (I loathe the term “cleanse”) where you focus on eating ONLY real, whole foods. No weighing, no measuring (your food OR your body) and NO fees – this is completely free and something you can do on your own. … More Whole “30” Holiday Challenge