What Does The Science Say?

Holistically Healthy

As most of my followers know by now, I am quite critical of the Standard American Diet.

I believe that the USDA recommendation of a high-carb, moderate-fat, and low-protein diet, is a main cause of our nations staggering rates of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, along with hundreds of other autoimmune conditions.

However, it’s not just the level of each of these macronutrients that is problematic. The even bigger issue is the food groups we are recommended to consume to meet these macronutrient ratios.

Instead of eating a high-carb diet full of beneficial plants like vegetables, fruits, roots, and tubers, we are told that carbs should come predominately from grains. Even though grains became a very easy way to feed the masses during the advent of city-states, they result in a massive influx of sugar in the bloodstream with very little fiber and vitamin-content.

We are told that the majority…

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