30 Second hairstyles featuring Jen Atkin x Chloe and Isabel accessories!

30 second hair styles

If you’re like me, time is scarce in the morning! Paul and I hit the gym first thing then I have about 20 minutes to shower, throw together a cute outfit, do my hair, makeup, make a coffee and dash out the door. Let me tell you, I’ve got fast hairstyles down to a science!

Making your 30 second style cute is a cinch with the right hair accessories. Jen Atkin, celebrity stylist, recently teamed up with Chloe + Isabel jewelry to create a line of FABULOUS and affordable accessories. Everything from an on-trend bun cuff, to barrettes and hair pins – all in a range of colors including gold, silver, rose gold and hematite.

Pictured above are 3 of my absolute favorites from the line. I find myself reaching for one almost every single day! I thought a quick video showing you how I throw together a fast but stylish look would be appreciated by the other busy ladies out there. You can check that out right HERE.


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